Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's War Time!

The update has come and gone, what we are left with is massive attendance in Sky, Dynamis linkshells fighting to get into zones, and Campaign mobs that die as fast as Dynamis mobs do. I haven't had to go Exp yet so I'm really dreading that. So far that is the negative aspects. Positive outlooks include: New people, rare items that the deeper Campaign zones hold that will be cheaper, and we kick Besieged mobs asses. The shouts in whitegate are funny as well.

I have learned a few things since switching to Cerberus. Number one: Inglorion is a douche and is hated by a great majority of the population, both Hades and even more so by the normal Cerberus players. The E-peen combat between the two servers has reached comic status. Both sides have the "We are gonna dominate the other guys" outlook. Which the survival of the fittest will tell in time who stays and goes. With 2 of the bigger Sky Linkshells from Hades, Shields of Valor and Wings of Dragons, on Cerberus now there will be battles. The other thing I learned is that no matter how bleak something looks, Linkshell memebers will strive to make it work. Yes, the leaders have a tough job trying to work though the mess of working with other leaders, but in the end it's the members that go the extra mile to make sure that thier Linkshell survives no matter what the cost. This seems to have become the norm in both ShieldsofValor and Aristocrats. Last night we boasted some of our best numbers for farming than we have had in the past 3 months. On Aristocrats's side it has been the same with 25-30+ people at each run. Maybe this merge wasn't so bad after all. There will be some linkshells that fall, but that is just human nature.

Dynamis-Jueno was scheduled for Tuesday and we took the zone and made it our bitch. We had a great run with 11 AFv2s, included Blm feet witch brings me to 5/5 ^^, and over 700+ in currency that dropped ^^ Very proud moment for the members of Aristocrats to be able to mobilize that fast and get everyone pearled then have a kick ass run. My hats off to the leadership ^^ My only issuse is with the new color of the Linkpearl. I WANTS MY RED PEARL BACK!!! /stare but other than that, I is happy.

Thursday was Kirin day for ShieldsofValor, and I was a tad nervous that there wasn't gonna be a huge amount of warning due to no one having pearls to see the Linkshell message. But again the members came though and we have great turn out for Kirin zerg, which btw we made it go splat even though the fucker slept us before we could get poison pots on us. Drops for both runs included Wlegs,Dbody, and Kirin's Osode X2. Not a bad night if I don't say so myself.

Friday was ZMN with Now or Never and it was another one of those nights that SE said, "lol Dizzmal hasn't died in a few hours, LETS KILL HIM!" and 22K exp later ... my Blm started to whimper a bit. All in all a good night and I made 200K at the cost of 22K exp ... Oh well.
I will get you back Gooky and Miae!

Told you I'd get your asses back!

Saturday we did Dynamis-Beacy, ah what a run! 8 Iceland AFv2s and 450+ currency. We ran though the zone so fast that we still had over 45 mins left after clear to go and smack around hydras. I was able to come Blm and had a blast. I can start to see the new starting to wear off on Blm in Dynamis. Gonna have to start seeing more blood with Drk soon so I can get my massive loss of Exp fix.

Sunday I logged on a bit early to farm some organs with Alfster,Miae, and Gooky. Note to self: 4 BLM with addiction to overkilling nukes = kill anything in zone.. I watched Miae pump out a 4.1K AM2 on a open mouthed Goldfish, which ya I know 0.o double damage but that still is over 2K normal damage on a mob. I did a 3.7K but that is still no where close to Miae ; ; damn taru. After Now or Never went to go do Omega. Nine people vs Omega again, We had 1 death right at the end, but still came away with Homam hands and lolhead.. damn you Omega!! give me some LEGS! Still a good night

Monday, the day that my title is named after. WAR! They may not have bombed Pearl Harbor on us but they, i.e they started it(as childish as that sounds.) As the majority of Shields of Valor formed parties @ Despot( The site of the first run in.) We started pulling bigger and bigger pulls. We noticed that they started stealing our mobs. So we, as a respectable Linkshell, put our douche hats on and started stealing their mobs right back. Then of course came the trash talk.. One of them said "IT"S WAR!!" not a bright idea when you are against 18+ higher end players. As soon as one of their pulls went unclaimed I stole that sucker and sure enough, Despot! SoV 1- lolCerberusLS 0. We claimed and got the drop. Then we went out after SteamCleaner, 1 party @ each possible pop zones. Low and behold the LS followed us and got pissed as we started claiming the orbs. SoV2 - Others 0. SC never popped so we went for Diorite and Water. At that point we split up by sending 1 party to Uii, 1 to Nexus, and one to Water. Me being in the BLM party we started off claiming on another linkshell even though they outnumbered us 2-1. We killed much much faster as well. I guess when you get those same blood thirsty BLM in a small room, shit tends to die.. and quickly. After awhile the bigger group Warped out as we were winning the claim war. About 15 mins later another group came in stayed about 20 mins then found the same fate then warped out. Again about 15-20 mins later another shell came up, they outnumbered us about 1.5-1 so it wasn't horrible, but they killed so slow I swear I could catch a nap after they pulled. They were some of the nicer ones though, so that is at least a positive. They were also more stubborn than the other linkshells. We wound up getting a diorite and popping Uii, then proceded to outclaim them for the next 30 mins 15-0. Towards the end of the run they got three claims, so it wasn't a complete loss on their party but still SoV 3-Others 0. Even though they were getting out claimed so badly they still kept a good attitude and made some jokes while we were up there. Made it enjoyable for the most part. I would have still liked more pop items but I guess that is something we will have to deal with as time goes on.

 High points was when Nega died(My favorite) when gooky got pwned by Uii( loltaruHp) and when gooky had a major resist and his AMII only did 400~500 damage. So what if all his others did 1900+, This was still a win for me. Oh and when the Sam from the other Linkshell was dancing with him while we were claiming. That was fun as well.
Group picture^^

I still remember my last moment on Hades. I miss my low populated server and the fun time I had on it. This one seems to be ok for the most part, but I'll never forget how I spent my last night on Hades.. Kicking Swordman's ass.
The calm before the storm

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